Vearlene's Story

pondsPonds, Streams and Waterfalls - Have you ever gone on a vacation to a luscious tropical island resort or a mountainous retreat, where waterfalls, serene streams, and alpine lakes were abundant and then returned to your home and wished you could have stayed? Well, Vearlene Snow, of Vearlene’s Peaceful Ponds did just that and decided that she shouldn’t have to travel 2000 miles to enjoy the soothing sounds of moving water. In 2003 she opened up shop and began designing and installing a full spectrum of ponds, streams and waterfalls & water gardens in the Puget Sound region. Full landscaping services including hardscape, irrigation, plantings, grass, retaining walls are part of the services offered.

She had been designing and creating ponds, streams and waterfalls features for several years for churches, family, and friends while maintaining her career as a Dental Hygienist. “I saw a need for a company dedicated to providing a full spectrum of services tailored to the customers needs. While in the dental field the idea of customer awareness and satisfaction was engrained into me.” However, unlike going to the dentist, you will enjoy the time Vearlene and her crew spends creating your dream “Living Waters”